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Akothee in warm spirits after getting brand new house from her Mzungu baby daddy(videos)

October 11, 2018 at 07:23
Akothee in warm spirits after getting brand new house from her Mzungu baby daddy(videos)

We all know Akothee is not a fan of her baby daddies. She has been bashing them for a long time now even when though not in her life anymore.

She however changed tuned on Wednesday and posted a rather sweet message for one of his baby daddies, of course after he blessed her with a very expensive house.

“Let’s take a moment and appreciate my ride and die papa Oyoo @oyootheprince @princeojwang ! A very selfless guy, he just surprised me with a new apartment directly opposite the school ! He says he wants the children to have enough sleep other than waking up early in the morning and driving for 45 minutes to school from our house on the sea side.” Akothee said on Instagram after getting the present. 

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Akothee added that things are now less hectic for her kids who only come back home on Fridays. The house was also fully furnished by her old man something that really impressed Akothee.

“At his age , he did all the furnishings by himself ! He refunded the money I sent him to support the kids as part of my contribution! He says ” You are still young and you need the money more than me , I am fine with the boys , thank you for this 2 gifts they make my life complete ” ! They wake up at 7.00 am , prepare for 1 hour and the boys simply cross the road to school as he watch them through the window , it takes 2 minutes!

“Am I not blessed! So they drive back home every Friday for the weekend if your year has been a blessing type AMEN .He deletes all the bad memories I had for baby daddys, thinking of having a baby soon ??”




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