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Akothee: I’ve a private beach, my children school fee per year is worth your dream car in decades idiot!

February 12, 2018 at 14:12
Akothee: I've a private beach, my children school fee per year is worth your dream car in decades idiot!

Akothee has bragged about her wealth like never before. The mother of five was forced to state how much she is worth just to get back at her critics.Detractors trolling Akothee over her indecent dressing were the reason why the singer went ballistic and started boasting about her wealth.

“Imagine you are complaining about my dresscode yet you still following me so who is crazy? Me or you ? Unlike button ! Talk of my dresscode if you pay me to dress up, stop reminding me of my children because their school fee per year is worth your dream car in decades Idiot ???, dont remind me about church, you are not going to heaven with me , neither will you be asked about my sins , deal with your situation , I know what and when I talk to my God ! Otherwise we won’t be having scandalous pastors, enda kanisa yenu polepole! Achana na maisha yangu, Mimi nilisha haribu ??” Akothee ranted.

I treat my dogs better than your husband treats you

The singer went on to brag about the special treatment she accords her dogs. She says that she treats her canines better than some women are treated by their husbands.

“Some are judging how I treat my dogs , do your husbands give you this kind of attention? Am asking, ???” Akothee wrote.

She went on to brag about the private beach on her own compound. The mother of five owns a beach house in Mombasa.

“I Have A Public life with a private beach ???,which makes sense ? Being famous and broke , or being famous and loaded ? Am asking only ???” wrote Akothee.





  1. Some pple God made them,wrongly surely,kujidai ya nini wee, Kwani yako inapasuliwa na shoka!!!??? Kila aina yakuingia wacha mapepe madam

  2. Neema Bi Chibu : February 12, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    kuna kitu akothee is not telling us. rich gangs do not selfpraise. ni hayo tu

  3. Luos re expensive by nature,,for instance if u want to friend/marry,try a luo lady en see ur movement!!

  4. Madam….there r rich guys who don’t brag a thing..why always publicise ur kids school fees, parties and the like? All this is ur personal stuff. Just asking……

  5. Wealth is silent, wealth does not announce itself neither does it blow its own trumpet

  6. Don’t look at the spec in your brothers eye and forget the log in yours. Akothee live your life. Leave those busy looking at your life instead of living theirs.

  7. Can someone pls inform me why she is always on ghalfa na hizo story zake!
    honestly if t wasn’t for hii site nisinge mjua(m in Tz n m not alone on that).
    *living ur life well&good blessed u but now that u have the riches pls search for wisdom too.

  8. Tell them to burger off, it’s your life and non of their business. If telling them the truth about yourself is the only way to shake off, do it. You struggled to get what you have and no one should poke his/her nose in it.

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