Akothee makes bold move after noticing her dad needs an urgent wardrobe upgrade 

December 17, 2018 at 08:57
Akothee makes bold move after noticing her dad needs an urgent wardrobe upgrade 

Singer Akothee is looking for ways she can add flavour do her dad’s  dressing.

The singer is still blessed to have both parents. Her dad Joshua Owino Kokeyo, is a former District Officer and her mother, Honourable Monica Yunita Kokeyo is the seating Migori MCA.

Monica graduated last year in Rongo University and Akothee wasn’t happy how Joshua was dressed during the event.


The singer is now looking for top Kenyan designers who will give her dad a face lift so that 2019, during her daughters graduation, he will be slaying.

Akothee took to social media to requests designers to inbox her their work but also had a warning for them.

“When my dad accompanied his girlfriend on her graduation day! need to sort my daddies wardrobe for 2019 male designers inbox me or @austineblacks your job, tag me a few designers you know are very good,” she said. 


Akothee is an established name, the singer doesn’t want designers to inflate their prices just because they are selling to Akothee.

She gave them a stern warning saying that the prices should be fair like they would be for anyone else.

“Don’t come to me with stupid prices just because it’s Akothee, I will send you back, ask the rest of designers who tried to charge me double because of the name Akothee, I don’t receive double money, please ! send me your work on inbox and your prices, I don’t have time for bargaining, my dad must put on new clothes on Christmas and New year it’s a must ?? he loves African Ankara’s LOVE MY DAD TO DEATH.”





  1. Sio lazima uambie dunia you’ve done this…grow up Akoth

  2. Nice madam.boss but why do you normally dance half naked and I can see your dad is a guru in your home base

  3. Zylper Lynet Akoth : December 18, 2018 at 12:39 am

    Akothe keep updating us namesy. Daddy must look great?

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