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Akothee runs to the rescue of ailing Ohangla star, lady Maureen

February 03, 2020 at 13:26
Akothee runs to the rescue of ailing Ohangla star, lady Maureen

Affluent businesswoman, Akothee came to the rescue of ailing songstress, lady Maureen after her worsening health condition went viral.

The mother of 5 appealed to fans online, to save Maureenยดs life through blood donation.

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Her campaigns finally bore fruit and fans turned up to donate blood to save the life of Lady Maureen.

Akothee pleaded with fans to be sensitive to the singerยดs predicament by standing-up, mobilizing and giving hope.

The Ohangla starยดs condition worried the madam boss admitting that Maureen was in bad shape and critically needed several pints of blood.

Ohangla star, Lady Maureen in bad health condition

Akothee even offered transport to those willing to donate blood and she was not disappointed.

In return, the President of Single mothers penned:

Thank you so much, we got donors from Migori and Kissi, now the story has changed. The hospital has said, time has elapsed and no one is in the laboratory to conduct the donation process. doctors have left for the weekend and will be back on Monday.

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The mother of 5 further transferred Lady Maureen to a different facility in Kisumu. Further appealing to Kenyans to help contribute in order to support the ailing singerยดs expenses.

Death reports

Previously, word doing the rounds had it that Lady Maureen had passed on, forcing her to rubbish the claims and confirm that she is still alive.

I am not dead. I was rushed her by my family when my condition worsened, but I am currently being transfused with blood. It has never been clear what I am suffering from but the condition has worsened in recent days.

It has been three years since Maureenยดs health condition saw her in and out of hospital several times as doctors reveal they are not able to tell what is ailing her.

Lady Maureenยดs health condition a ยดmysteryยด to doctors

Maureen often complains of chest pains, leg aches and nasty headaches, stated the doctors.

A condition that sees her need close to three litres of blood daily.


The turn of events have affected Akothee who has tried putting herself in the shoes of Lady Maureenยดs mother who is running all over in search of her daughterยดs cure.

Watch as Akothee breaks down to tears:




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