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Akothee treats fans to a Kamba tune “Mwiituasa”

March 09, 2020 at 10:10

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Akothee is the self declared president of single mothers decided to treat her fans to a Kamba tune dubbed “Mwiituasa”.

From the translation I got is that “Mwiitusa” means sister.

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For a long time, Akothee has been very vocal about how single mothers struggle to make ends meet for their children. The sad reality of life huh?

This especially after most women are ditched by baby daddies.


The woman full of diversity decided to impress her fans to a Kamba tune that encourages women not to give up on the children.

In what she calls being pitty parties does not work on this harsh world of today. She encourages them to do what it takes to fend for their children.


Even the quote below the song says,

Every woman should know that no amount of pity party would ever put a smile or food on the table, once you have left your parents home in the name of relationship, your life & the life of your family members ( your children) remains your responsibility.

It doesn’t matter the kind of work you will do to make ends meet, all life cares about is BILLS MUST BE PAID, BE STRONG.”

In other words, as she advocates for better days for many single women, Akothee is an epitome of strength.

From her social media she has a big number of followers who always feel encouraged by their Mwiituasa-Akothee.

Delivery of the song

Ladies and gentlemen they always say music is food to the soul.

By this  I mean it doesn’t entirely have to make sense at first but gradually in whatever language it comes we can dance.

Furthermore, Akothee is Luo and for her to deliver a Kamba song with so much ease and energy is something to talk about.

This is a lady who switches in a snap of a finger, remember she can pull a Nigerian accent too. So we can say this is just but talent.

As we appreciate her energy musically let’s not forget she can dance effortlessly. Well, Akothee we want more music in your choice of language.

I mean some Bukusu-Tindikiti music would be good too.

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