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Akothee’s Instagram account with 600k followers set to be deleted

October 27, 2017 at 11:49
Akothee's Instagram account with 600k followers set to be deleted

Over 600,000 people will miss Akothee’s shenanigans on Instagram as she’s about to go missing. The IG account is set to be deleted soon.

Akothee is among Kenyan celebrities who boast of mammoth social media following. She has 500k Facebook followers and 600k Instagram followers.

The flamboyant singer mostly uses her Instagram account to show off her expensive lifestyle. She also keeps tabs on her fans through the IG account.

Akothee plans to delete her IG account

The mother of five has opened up about her intention of deleting her Instagram account. She didn’t state her reason but she asks her fans to tell her what they hate and love about her IG posts.

“The account is coming down IN AFEW , tell me what you loved about following me & what you dint like , tell me if I was a blessing or a curse by YOU following me , I have one word , I LOVE YOU & THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT THROUGHOUT MY MUSIC CAREER GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILIES #madamboss,” wrote Akothee.





  1. Let her delete it we are tired of her bullshit

  2. Finally,this is great

  3. I saw this coming social media pressure is not a joke

  4. No ones cares what she does

  5. We are following important issues now,boycott elections! let her scatter away!

  6. Who cares?

  7. raila aliacha elections
    Murkomen aliacha chai panafric
    wewe kuachana na ig haitafanya tukose usingizi..go to hell

  8. Hahahha personally i love her posts ill miss her

  9. Woman who cares

  10. Should she inform us when creating account..nkt

  11. no one cares a bout it xo its up on her

  12. garriesjey\ikhra maeziyahna : April 13, 2018 at 10:42 am

    madness, wu cares just vanish u face

  13. This woman is fraud. I can’t believe people are drinking the Kool-Aid.

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