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Akothee’s piece of advice to women battling unsupportive baby daddies, Maureen Waititu needs to read this!

October 27, 2020 at 09:47
Akothee’s piece of advice to women battling unsupportive baby daddies, Maureen Waititu needs to read this!

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While Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gym it continue to prove to their fans why they remain toxic to each other; Madam boss aka Akothee, president of single mums has opened up giving one of the best advises any single mum has received in a while.

Maureen Waititu with their sons

Through a detailed post shared by the singer, Akothee goes on to advice single mums to hold on to happiness whenever they can. According to the mother of 5, deadbeats are not from just the other day; but have been there since time in memorial. She went on to write;

As a mother, the only moment you will have PEACE of mind is when you ARE dead and gone 🙏. However, if spirits are alive, you will never have peace if any of your child is not settled or at peace 🙏🏻 it doesn’t matter if she is married, old or young, the pain is the same. I hereby ask and urge single mothers to hold onto the happiness their babies bring forth, you are totally alone in the journey of pregnancy and it’s a bonus or a privilege if you have a supportive partner, which in most cases is not a guarantee from time immemorial and most of the past experiences 🙏🏻.

Painful but worth the peace

Being a single mother of 5, Akothee went on to admit that she knows the pain of raising a child in a broken relationship; and it hurts….. she went on to add;

Akothee’s baby daddy and her three girls

We don’t wish to be single parents or bring up children in broken relationships 💔 but some circumstances forced or might force us to do so for the better growth & future of the kids. However, the bottom line is, the energy you use in running after a partner who is not interested in the life of the children😭 is much more than the one you would use to collect yourself 🙏. It’s hard I know, but this is a grown up with all his senses, he will do what he knows best, either humiliate you more or cause more damage to your heart 💔, its up TO you to choose.

Dont block the other parent

Having battled with her baby daddies severally, Akothee says there is no need of blocking the other parent from seeing their child. This is because it does more harm than good; and looking at Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gym It’s situation – we can already see how ugly things are getting!

Anyway Akothee concluded by saying;


Blocking him from seeing his child hurts YOU more, just drag the idiot to a children’s court so the court will give him the dos and don’ts if he/she is dramatic. This applies to both mothers and fathers. This case will be closed once and for all. Some partners are malicious, they will use children as bait to cause the other partner pain, especially when they see you happy 🏌️ Some won’t allow you move on with a new relationship, and you wonder if it’s you they want / your life or the child 🤦🤦🙆😭 this triangle is the most sensitive thing that only prayers can intervene. It’s worse than labour pain, with no results .and if not taken care of carefully🙏 might end some into depression or deaths. Be careful with FAMILY 🙏💪

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