Akothee’s response to a broke man who wants to marry her is funniest thing on the internet

January 11, 2019 at 07:54
Akothee's response to a broke man who wants to marry her is funniest thing on the internet

Most people know Akothee is in a relationship, but some people don’t. A man with a serious crush on the mother of five approached her with a marriage proposal.

The man who only goes by the name Odimathestar (Instagram name) sent Akothee a message telling her he wanted to marry her. He was sincere, he said he was broke but assured Akothee that his love for her was ‘rich’.

“@akotheekenya I don’t have money but I want to marry you how will get in touch, please I’m serious I have been crushing on you since 2015 my sweetheart im madly please accept me,” wrote Odimathestar.

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False hope

Akothee replied telling the broke man to be patient, she told him to wait until 2020 when she will sell everything am move in with him.

The mother of five also told the man to continue using the drug he was high on, she further said that she would join the man to smoke whatever weed he was smoking.

“@odimathestar dont stop crushing sweety , crush now aaa, na crushing be free , only chips and chicken will cost you money , carry our crush carry it to 2020 I will get back to you when I have made up my mind to be broke , I will sell everything and throw away, so we start from the botyom sweetie , I love you madly , my cup of tee, the only crystal in my cocaine, ohh my heroin, how about some weed seating next to the pool, feeling and guessing in the sky , where no one is seeing us but the weed hawkers,” wrote Akothee.




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