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Ali Kiba announces wife’s second pregnancy despite marriage tussles

September 27, 2019 at 10:38
Ali Kiba announces wife's second pregnancy despite marriage tussles

Despite being on the daily talk concerning a split marriage, Ali Kiba’s wife is expectant.

The bongo superstar expressed this as a first, referring to the last phone call he had with his wife, Amina Khalef.

Ali Kiba and his wife, Amina Khalef

Up and close with Shilawadu reporters, Soody Brown and Kwisa, King Kiba disclosed that his wife is heavily expectant with their second child.

However, questions that always arise in such scenarios more often than not are: the baby’s gender, how many they are and the prospected delivery date.

Unfortunately, that does not bag the bongo flava artist, as much as it does to masses. Because for them, they are yet to conduct any tests, that they might eventually not do altogether.

I called her, we talked about many things. My wife has not yet delivered and by good or bad luck, we have not checked if it is a boy or a girl.

King Kiba with his alleged pregnant wife


For Kiba, gender and number preference are not his top-on-the-list concerns, as long as the baby(-ies) are healthy and his wife goes through a healthy delivery.

I am okay with any gender that God will give us.

The couple’s child is a son, Sheikh Keyaan, who was sired roughly a year ago.

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