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Alice Kimanzi and Paul Clement treat us to Yuko Mungu

December 30, 2019 at 17:53
Alice Kimanzi and Paul Clement treat us to Yuko Mungu

Alice Kimanzi has featured Tanzania’s best Paul Clement to bring us Yuko Mungu. This is a soul searching song that is calm and true.

To add on, this is where we say Kenya meets Tanzania. Yuko Mungu is filled with praise and much love for the supernatural being.

Alice is known for her great taste in music and much love. She is a talented soul who leaves no stones untouched. On the other hand, Paul Clement is a successful lad who has treated music with a lot of love and passion.

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Their coming together Yuko Mungu is the best thing ever for it will help promote and grow music from East Africa.

In addition to all the praises above, it is time to get what exactly the song is about. You realise that it is not always they have the same message. Being released at a time when the Christian generation is celebrating the birth of Christ, there is a lot to expect.

Alice Kimanzi and Paul Clement treat us to Yuko Mungu

Yuko Mungu is giving hope that God exists

Mungu anaweza kufanya njia njangwani, na mito ya maji nyikani. Kama alifanya masika na kiangazi. Anaweza kubadili majira pia na nyakati. This stanza introduces the song as well us prepares one for the mood of the song.

In the above stanza, the duo is talking of God’s strength. It indeed conforms with their song’s title, Yuko Mungu.

In the stanza performed by Alice Kimanzi, she talks of how God protects her in the darkness even when her faith is drowning.

Alice Kimanzi and Paul Clement treat us to Yuko Mungu

In the chorus performed by Alice Kimanzi and Paul Clement, Yuko Mungu anayeweza, Yuko Mungu anayetenda, mwamini yeye, mwamini yeye, hutoaibika.  This is the best chorus. Also, there is much that is in the lyrics but we cannot highlight everything.

In conclusion, Yuko Mungu is a hope-giving song. It only requires one to renew their faith in God. Last but not least, the song gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.




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