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Alikiba proves that he is still in love with his Kenyan wife, Amina Khalef

February 24, 2020 at 09:26
Alikiba proves that he is still in love with his Kenyan wife, Amina Khalef

Alikiba’s son’s birthday definitely did leave busy bodies; or rather social media rumor mongers hiding their faces as the couple proved that they were still together.

Kiba’s wedding

The two were spotted having quite a good time at their son’s (Keeyan) first birthday that went down at a private area.

Judging from the party set up, it’s obvious to tell that Alikiba definitely coughed out some good amount to have his son’s 1st bash trending on social media.

Kiba on wedding

However what many speechless is the fact that Alikiba and his wife Amina Khalef were actually together and in good terms.

Kiba back with his wife

Well according to stories shared online a while back; rumor had it that Alikiba and his wife had called off their relationship due to some family issues.

Alikiba with Amina Khalef af their wedding

The two were said to have parted ways and since Kiba wasn’t sharing photos of his wife on his Instagram; many went on to assume this is true.

However, turns out that they have been together for quite a while and these two might not break up even in future as they compliment each other quite well!

Anyway below are a few of their photos from the bash.

Alikiba with his wife

Alikiba with his family at his son’s birthday party




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