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All grown! Kambua shows off grown baby boy Nate as he turns a year old (Photo)

August 11, 2020 at 09:49
All grown! Kambua shows off grown baby boy Nate as he turns a year old (Photo)

After 7 years of battling childlessness, Kambua’s miracle baby is finally one year old and the gospel beauty could not help but gush over him.

August 10, remains a day engraved in Kambua and her hubby, Jacskon Mathu’s lives – a day that God took away the pain, the embarrassment, the despair and finally answered their prayers.

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To many more years Baba Muhoro!! – Kambua cheers on

Baby Nathaniel Muhoro Mathu warmed his mom’s heart, brought life to their home and proved that God’s timing is the best.

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However, we have not been fully introduced to him as yet but we are gradually getting there.

It started with a birthday cake with the words Mama Nate on it.

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Then the breastfeeding journey was an everyday tale for the young mum.

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Christmas morning in my house looks a little like this 🥰 milk, milk, and more milk! To all momma's, keep going 💪🏾 do the best you can for your little one, however which way you choose/can. My breastfeeding journey has had some super highs and serious lows😅. I've had ALOT of help from @doulawambui and women close to me. You don't have to do it alone- reach out for help. I drink what I need to, I eat those cookies (thank you @lactacarekenya )🙌🏾. And when I need to, I supplement. Ladies, our mental health is SO important. Please don't die on the mountain of trying to prove how much of a miracle worker you are, at the expense of starving your baby and losing your mind. Fed is best! If your supply is low, there are ways to UP⬆️ it. But as you do so, please feed that baby! And be very proud of yourself for whatever amount of milk you're able to produce. Some women are completely unable to breastfeed, and have to raise their babies on formula. Guess what, that's OK too! So don't allow anyone to shame you. At the end of the day, we just want healthy little bubs AND healthy mommies too! Merry Christmas from me and mine ♥️💚 . . . #2019 #mamanate #fedisbest #breastfeeding #bottlefeeding #lactating #newborn #babies #powerpumping

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Then came the baby’s name reveal – Nathaniel Muhoro – with photos of Kambua’s baby shower that we never got a sight of until months later.

Gospel singer, Kambua stuns in baby shower photoshoot

Eventually, Parents Magazine allowed us a glimpse of the baby boy’s height and a rough idea of what kind of personality traits he might have and that was enough at the time.

Kambua holds her son, Nathaniel close to her bosom

These were signs that we’re getting there with warm mum-son photos grabbing onto each other, giving us baby fever.

Kambua and baby Nate

Mama Nate and her son

Since then, patience and hope has put us together and eventually, recent events are showing a good sign that it is probably time baby Nate was showcased to the world.

My little slice of heaven turned ONE today! Isn’t God good? Happy birthday my sweet little boy 💙💙💙

Baby Nathaniel Muhoro Mathu

Happy 1st Birthday to Nate!





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