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“Am gonna be a daddy soon!” Nyashinski

February 18, 2020 at 11:44
“Am gonna be a daddy soon!” Nyashinski

Singer Nyashinski has left very many ladies heartbroken after announcing that he will soon be a father!

Nyashinski with his beloved, Zia Bett, late last year during their traditional wedding ceremony

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Through his twitter handle the beloved and handsome Kenyan lover shared the good news; however not very many ladies could digest this since he has always been a dream fantasy for many Kenyan ladies.

After living in the United States for years, we can confirm that indeed Nyashinski is the real definition of a real African man. Well, this is because he came back and found himself a stunning Kenyan wife!


Baby on board

Having walked down the aisle a few months ago, seems that Nyashinski’s wife was already with child!

Nyashinski with his wifey

According to the Kenyan singer his baby will be arriving in a few weeks and judging from the tweet; Nyashinski can’t wait to be a daddy soon!




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