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Amber Lulu featured in Don Brighter new jam ‘ Nionyeshe’

August 20, 2019 at 09:01
Don Brighter features Amber Lulu in Nionyeshe

Amber Lulu featurd in Don Brighter new jam Nionyeshe. After releasing a hit song with the East African legend Kidumu Kibido, Don Brighter is not resting until he is out of words. Here the club banger in Bongo flava style with the Queen of Tanzania Amber Lulu. This track speaks about how people in relationships act to each other to try to make sure their significant other are happy in that relationship.

The duo has a great feel and their performance for this song is dope. It is something that you are going to playback every now and then.

Amber Lulu featured in Nionyeshe

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Amber Lulu who in the recent has come clear of her engagement with Kenyan politician cum artist is perfect. We need to see a collaboration of her with Jaguar. This girl is super talented even if she lays low. Don Brighter has the best lyrics for this jam.

Nionyeshe is that song that gives you love like never before. Do not struggle to make another person in a relationship make sure you are also happy.

What is Nionyeshe about?

Basically in this song the duo is talking about how one is trying to make sure the other is happy. Isn’t this what most people do? It is more of a love song though given a club feeling. The song is smooth and slow. Also the quality of the video is awesome.

Don Brighter in Nionyeshe

It is not so often that we get such a nice collaboration. Although the Nionyeshe is good, it seems like their fans are not feeling it. The jam is yet to hit 10k likes on YouTube. Is it that people do not appreciate good music or they do not know?

In conclusion, Amber Lulu and Don Brighter can only get a rating of 5/10 in this.

Below is a link to the video.





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