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Amber Lulu features Mr. Lg in ‘Sigino’ and it is lit

November 30, 2019 at 09:31
Amber Lulu features Mr. Lg in 'Sigino' and it is lit

Amber Lulu is back with a new jam dubbed Sigino. The Tanzanian queen has featured the best in Tanzania Mr Lg. First, the new tune comes at a time most Tanzanian singers are releasing music.

Amber Lulu has for some time now managed to win her fans and this has proved to be a good thing for her. Though the Sigino is a bit slow in reception, you’ll agree with me that it is a great jam. Combination of the two talents has brought a great outcome from Amber Lulu’s work.

Sigino video has been shot with modesty and the graphics are just wow. Ever connected with a song through the video? If not, then this will be your first one. The make and costumes were well done.

Amber Lulu features Mr. Lg in 'Sigino' and it is lit

Sigino is just a simple word for a signal. The way she has introduced the song makes it look like something big. Actually, the songs start by a phone ringing and the set of the video has a landline phone.

As much as the song is good, the scenes will make you switch off the video and just remain with the audio. In the video, the vixens are more naked.

Amber Lulu features Mr. Lg in 'Sigino' and it is lit

Amber Lulu is talking to her enemies in Sigino

The emotions being portrayed in the song are something to go by. You all know how Amber Lulu does her music.

In addition to the great production, it is clear that she was attacking her critics.  There is a line where she is saying that some are not sleeping as they are busy gossiping about her.

Also, the audio has been produced by Mr Lg himself. One thing for sure is that this guy is talented. The beats and the audio are in sync. There is that perfect and there is no competition.

In conclusion, Sigino by Amber Lulu and Mr Lg gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.




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