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‘Ambia Serikali Ikupatie Kazi’- Willy Paul B****s Omosh (Video)

July 02, 2021 at 09:58
'Ambia Serikali Ikupatie Kazi'- Willy Paul Blasts Omosh (Video)

Even after apologizing to Kenyans for asking for help yet again, ex-Tahidi High actor Omosh Kizangila is still on the receiving end. Numerous memes have been made to criticize him; and some celebrities have also reiterated over the same. Omosh had recently declared that Kenyans would not hear back from him again.

Omosh Under The Cloud

This time, singer Willy Paul is on his neck. Willy Paul has advised Omosh to stop relying on Kenyans to contribute for him, and engage himself in blue-collar jobs. He posted a video on his Instagram saying;

”Wakenya wamekusaidia unarudi unawageuka… Hio ilikuwa doh ya wakenya walikuwa wanakusaidia, sindio? So acha kulia lia. Toka apo nje ingia kwa mjengo, ingia kwa kuuza mandazi ama anything. Uza maji Omosh, uza izi vitu. Uwache kulia lia. Itabidi wewe umepambana. Na wakenya hawakufanyii kazi. Walisha play part yao… Pambana kama mwanaume badala ya kulia lia kwa social media. Ambia serikali ikupatie kazi.”

In the same video, Pozee also noted that crying is only for Bahati.

”Mtu wa kulia lia Wakenya wanamjua. Hio title ilishachukuliwa na Bahati”

On the other side of the coin, Willy Paul has been called out for recently trying to attract Kenyan’s attention for his upcoming song. Maybe this another one of his shenanigan activities aimed at giving him attention.

Watch Willy Paul’s video below;




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