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Amid breakup rumours, Anerlisa Muigai spotted hanging out with husbae, Ben Pol

November 02, 2020 at 20:25
Amid breakup rumours, Anerlisa Muigai spotted hanging out with husbae, Ben Pol

Alot has been said about Anerlisa Muigai and husband Ben Pol. There are those claiming that the two are no longer together while others say that Ben Pol got tired and went back to his old flame.

Of course we had no choice but to believe the rumor’s; especially with Anerlisa throwing us off with her emotional posts that we all assumed were directed to Ben Pol.

However, Ben Pol’s mum recently told Ijumaa Wikienda that she was still in shock after her son decided to change his religion from Christianity to Islam. But what seemed to surprise many is that Bi Buhondo was confident about her son’s relationship to Anerlisa. This is after she went on to reveal that the two were together as man and wife.

Anerlisa Muigai with bae earlier today

“Yes they are together, even though she has travelled.”

You’ve been played

Well, barely a week after the lady revealed this and the Instagram couple is back to making news on social media. Judging from the videos shared by Anerlisa on her IG story; we can confirm that indeed the two are still a married couple and if anything they seem happier than ever!

At least with this, bloggers around have learnt to keep their noses out of this couple’s affair; or else it’ll all be about fake news! But looking on the brighter side, at least they are still together.

Watch their videos below;




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