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An angered Churchill lectures comedians during Othuol Othuol’s burial (Video)

October 26, 2020 at 14:34
An angered Churchill lectures comedians during Othuol Othuol’s burial (Video)

Churchill show founder, Daniel Ndambuki has clearly had enough of having to always carry the blame of comedians misconduct that either leads them to poverty or untimely death.

The godfather of comedy cleared the air once and for all, among young talents and established brands in the industry, in a long lecture during Othuol Othuols burial in Siaya over the weekend.

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Churchill comes clean

In a video as seen by Ghafla, Churchill warns comedians to stop living lives to impress fans on social media. Who take off soon as you land into problems.


Mwalimu Churchill

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It pissed him off that comedians dared to consider their online fans as their family while in reality theyre not! Clarifying that family are only blood relatives.

“Stop calling you fans family. Stop parading your every move online. You have a life! Your family is your parents, children, wife/husband. Stop frustrating them!” a bitter Churchill lectured the comedians.

Daniel Ndambuki

“Those are fans, the moment you stop being funny, they stop becoming your family,” he clarified.

But warned them that the minute they get to the top, then they better exercise strict discipline because he had had enough of burying comedian after another.

In yet another clip, Churchill clarified that he made a platform from scratch, tiring day and night to see it grow and host millions of talents to become bigger and better. But has instead been dragged into mud and all sorts of controversies.

Jalango who was on stand-by, acted as the interpreter as Churchill spoke, so that the message gets to everyone present.

Comedians attend Othuol Othuol’s burial

Fans on the comment section could not agree more with the renowned comedian.

Have a listen and tell us what you think:




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