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An inside tour of Shaffie Weru’s expensive living room

March 20, 2018 at 08:25
An inside tour of Shaffie Weru's expensive living room

Renowned radio presenter Shaffie Weru is not a new name in the East African entertainment industry. The fella has managed to stay at the top thanks to his talent and hustling skills that have clearly changed his life.

Well, for those who don’t know…Shaffie Weru started off from a humble beginning but over the years, he rose to the top and is now ranked among the richest media personalities in the country.

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Shaffie Weru’s catchy living room

He not only loves expensive toys that he rolls around with but he seems to have great taste when it comes to home decor.

This was revealed in a new photo shared on his Instagram page where he is seen in the company of his all grown daughter.

Judging from the photo, it’s evident to see that his living room seats are those of high quality. The walls and paintings also speak for themselves. Well, his wife could be behind the catchy decor but let’s say her husband also loves the expensive lifestyle!





  1. Weh!

  2. Money is sweet

  3. Kuna watu wanakula raha kweli

  4. Living in the first lane

  5. Woow

  6. You’re supposed to be giving attention to baby and not the phone…. ?

  7. real nigga @ shaffle weru

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