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Andrew Kibe opens up about his struggle with ‘Self pleasure’ (Video)

October 13, 2021 at 14:03
Andrew Kibe opens up about his struggle with ‘Self pleasure’ (Video)

Media personality Andrew Kibe who is currently living in the United States has given fans a reason to talk; after his latest confession about struggle with m**********n.

I mean who would have ever thought that the savage fella once used to turn himself on; and you know, ahem…finish the job by himself?

Celebrated radio personality, Andrew Kibe

Well turns out that despite being a known ladies man; back in 1998 Kibe couldn’t find a woman to help with his needs and I’m assuming this must have been tough since he did it for 6 months straight. Alaar!

Kibe’s confession

but according to Andrew Kibe, the year 1998 was one of the most challenging year he had ever faced in his entire life.

Speaking about his a*******n for the first time, Kibe went on to confess;

I was copy-pasting my story to both ladies – Andrew Kibe confesses

There a time I Nyongad, I think it was in 1998. In 1998 there was a kashift in my life, I nyongad for a couple of months and I said f**k it, I never doing that s**t no more!

Luckily for him, Kibe says this behavior started late and was able to stop it before it became he got hooked up on it like most addicts.

Anyway, in conclusion Kibe said;

1998 I nyongad for like 6 months and was like naaah. Cause I started late, I was able to stop it

Watch the clip below:





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