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Anerlisa Muigai embarks on serious journey to honor late sister, Tecra

November 10, 2020 at 10:24
Anerlisa Muigai embarks on serious journey to honor late sister, Tecra

Anerlisa Muigai is on a serious weight loss journey as revealed on her social media pages. The lass who is popularly known for her family’s wealth went on to share the unknown promise she made her family after losing sister, Tecra.

According to Mrs Ben Pol, she is currently losing weight to look like her late small sister. As seen on a post shared on her page, Anerlisa says she has managed to shed of weight from 76kgs to 62kgs.

Edward, Anerlisa and Tecra.

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Must admit that losing 14kgs in less than 5 months is a serious move that leaves us wondering whether she is starving herself; or like Risper Faith did she undergo cosmetic surgery?

I want to look like Tecra

In yet another post, Anerlisa Muigai went on to reveal that she hopes the weight loss will leave her looking like her baby sister; but when she opens her mouth they realize it’s Anerlisa instead.

My family and I miss Tecra so much that I promised I will lose weight to her size every time they look at me, they see her but when I speak, they hear my voice. God bless Us all

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This is indeed a great gesture from the big sister; but again, isn’t it torture to those around her especially since Tecra will not be coming back to life?

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But hey, everyone grieves different and hopefully Anerlisa and family will soon find peace after accepting their baby girl is now in a better place.




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