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Anerlisa Muigai introduces most loyal makeup artist months after Phoina Tosha betrayal

December 01, 2021 at 12:08
Anerlisa Muigai introduces most loyal makeup artist months after Phoina Tosha betrayal

Anerlisa Muigai says she was betrayed by Phoina Tosha who shared a photo hanging out with Omar Lali; a man accused to having a hand in the death of Tecra Muigai – who is Anerlisa’s late small sister.

Phoina with Omari Lali

Having shared photos having a good time with him, Phoina automatically became Anerlisa’s greatest enemy; and so far – let’s just say there is no going back.

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The two besties (Phoina and Anerlisa) who often helped each other business wise no longer see eye to eye; and so far – they’ve stopped all interactions and now Anerlisa has a new makeup artist showing  nothing but loyalty.

Anerlisa praises Miss Keysha – her latest makeup artist

Well, just to prove that Anerlisa Muigai is still hurting from Phoina’s actions; the Keroche heiress recently shared a catchy post dedicated to a young lady who has been doing her makeup for sometime now.

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According to Ms Aner – this makeup artist ‘Keysha’ is one of a kind as she has a golden heart; and unlike other people she may know – Keysha doesn’t bad mouth her to other people.

In a detailed post shared on her page, Anerlisa wrote;

Anerlisa with Ms Keysha

@miss_keysha_makeup is one of the realest people in my life. One person I know would never entertain anyone talking sh*t about me. One make up artist who would call me to praise the make up artist I chose to do my make up over her. #rare

Well call it a harmless post, but knowing how ladies work – I can bet Anerlisa wasn’t just gushing over Kesyha’s skills – but was also sending a message to someone else too. No?




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