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Anerlisa Muigai responds to female fans telling her to hide her fiancé, Ben Pol

June 13, 2019 at 15:14
Anerlisa Muigai responds to female fans telling her to hide her fiancé, Ben Pol

Keroche breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai must feel like the luckiest woman. At the age of 30, the lovely lady has managed to meet the man of her dreams, Ben Pol and if things work out as planned then the two are expected to walk down the aisle pretty soon!

Unlike her previous relationships, Anerlisa Muigai feels quite confident to post videos and photos of her Bongo lover on social media. 

Looking at how they handle each other on social media it’s evident to say that these were meant for each other; and this is why Anerlisa‘ latest post has left many women feeling silly for meddling in her love life!

Mind your own business!

Apparently some women have been sending Anerlisa messages advising her to stop parading her man on Instagram. This is because they feel that other women will end up snatching him from her.

However, seems that the lass did not agree with them on this. In response to this, Miss Anerlisa wrote to say;

I have seen 3 or 5 women advising me to stop showing my man apparently because women out here will take him (Do they know he has 2.6 million people following him?)… Anyway that’s beside the point… Sweethearts let me now advice you, if you ever have a man and you have such doubts about him, then that is not a man to even waste your time with. A man who loves and respects you, will never give you reasons to doubt him… always put God first in everything and always remember nobody can ever come between what God has planned for you… #Godfirst

Well, there you have it!




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