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Anerlisa Muigai shares details on how to shed of 10-15kgs in a month!

September 14, 2018 at 09:20
Anerlisa Muigai shares details on how to shed of 10-15kgs in a month!

Anerlisa Muigai who is the CEO of Executive still water seems to have put on a few pounds judging from her latest photo.

Well, this is quite a surprise as we all know she worked so hard to shed off her previous excess weight. However we now understand that her sudden weight gain was intentional and has a plan for it.

In a detailed statement shared on her Instagram page, Anerlisa Muigai went on to reveal that she is soon releasing a weight loss App. For this reason she had to gain weight in order to walk through the weight loss journey with her fans.

Weight loss journey

According to Anerlisa this weight loss journey entails of a strict fluids diet. She aims to shed atleast  10 to 15kgs which she hopes her fans will also be doing. Through her Instagram the lady wrote saying;

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WHO IS READY FOR THE 30 DAYS WEIGHTLOSS CHALLENGE? So most of you ask how I was able to loose 10 to 15kgs in such a short period of time…well it's through a very strict diet. But my diet in that short period is basically based on JUICES,SMOOTHIES and SALADS. Now I’m not going to lie, it is not the easiest, and it's not a long term solution but the end results are unbelievable. I call it a " quick fix " especially if you are trying to fit into a dress for wedding,birthday or any special event. Also in my weight Loss App that I finally want to release in November 2018, just before holidays, i have a section called The " QUICK FIX " that will help you shed weight quickly. Today I am 80kgs and I want to start this challenge with those who are serious about losing weight in one month before the release of my weight loss App. I plan to be atleast 68kgs by 15th October 2018. Those who are joining please do the following. 1. TAKE YOUR STARTING WEIGHT & BODY MEASUREMENT 2. TAKE A FULL BODY PICTURE 3. THROW AWAY ALL THE JUNK IN YOUR HOUSE 4. GET A BLENDER & JUICER 5. FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM PAGE and FACEBOOK. ( I will post step by step the methods of loosing weight daily ) 6. NO ALCOHOL *For those who are not ready to do this quick fix can wait for my App and you will be able to start the long term and a more sustainable diet lifestyle. *I will be posting videos every day from 4.30am ,Kenyan time,so you can get time to prepare. For those not in our time zone can set back one day so you can do it at your own way. *The top 5 winners will get free enrolment of my App, they will become Brand Ambassadors of the weight loss journey and finally we will have dinner together. *This diet plan is supposed to make you loose 6kgs – 15kgs ONLY IF FOLLOWED STRICTLY. * If you have the strength, I advice you to work out atleast 30 to 1hr of intense work out. * I will post the shopping list tomorrow * I PLAN TO START THIS JOURNEY ON MONDAY 17 SEPTEMBER 2018. * Always drink lots of water **DO NOT DO THIS DIET IF YOU HAVE DIABETES, PREGNANT OR ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS.

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  1. Loula-Nesiko Ali : September 14, 2018 at 1:05 pm

    way to go anerlisa….imma follow you on this

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