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Anerlisa Muigai totally offended as Capital FM’s Joe Muchiri openly fantasizes about bedding Esther Passaris in a car (Photos)

July 05, 2017 at 07:44
Anerlisa Muigai totally offended as Capital FM’s Joe Muchiri openly fantasizes about bedding Esther Passaris in a car (Photos)

Thirsty Kenyan men have been left drooling after Esther Passaris joined Raila Odinga to campaign in Kiambu County yesterday July 5th.

Passaris, who is seeking to be Nairobi Women Representative on an ODM ticket, slayed in a white dress during the campaign trail in Kiambu.

Mafisi couldn’t hide their admiration for Passaris after the beautiful wannabe Nairobi Women Rep shared her photos during the rally in Kiambu;

Tim Sniper: na si we ni mrembo!!!!!nakupa tano fresh immediately from today…..

Eric Kotut Ouma: Iyo nguo must get a shout out ama niwewe umefanya nguo ikawa hivyo…. Beautiful

Dennis Obura: This woman is beautiful aki…uuuwwiii kwisa Mimi Onyango mtoto cha Obiero

Kelly Williams: Do you have a daughter pliz?

Caleb Kevin: Mama supuu….. I so you in githurai uki pass c ulitesa sana

Boniface Mutuku: You have a taste for fashion. Giving honour where honour is due. Your fashion design makes a conspicuous statement.

Ken Syok’s: Aki huyu mama ukuaga msupuu,,

Capital FM’s Joe Muchiri joined the bandwagon of men who were openly drooling after Passaris; he however went a step farther and openly fantasized about bedding Passaris.

Joe Muchiri

“#NASA ? si mni patie huyu one weekend ??? vile ame STAND kwa hio gari ??? #DryFry ?” Joe Muchiri posted on Instagram.

His post excited fellow thirsty men but some women were totally offended; Anerlisa Muigai was among the ladies who expressed her disapproval of Muchiri’s sexist comment.

“No no no @joewmuchiri. Very disrespectful. Esther is a very close friend of mine and that statement hurt me. ???” Anerlisa Muigai reacted to Joe Muchiri’s post.

Anerlisa Muigai

Below are some of the reactions to Joe’s post on IG:

Robugadafi:  Hahaha kuna dem unaeza nyandua aanze kulia nasa nasa nasaaaaaa

its_me_dennis_babake: [email protected] you very funny men..hii nai nakusaka mno

sylvanna_shiru: ???

mwangikenn: ????

sameerbry: Mzee wa #DryFry ??????

millicentmillz: Weeeee achana na Muthoni ?


kariuki_kihara: ?????Crazy

kinyerakasumbakamya: Wewe na lightskin!!!

Captainharrisjnr: ndaaani ndaani kabisa ??? @joewmuchiri

brendah_kahura: But why are you so silly….lol

fellohoguda: Hapo nakufia team #dryfry

andyintense: Smh! You need help, Joe ?

wanjikugathigia: @joewmuchiri your comment is so disrespectful

narano_g: @wanjikugathigia Couldn’t agree more.why do we have to sexualize women?cant they just come as they are?with their intelligent minds and strong wills

marionwesonga: Waah…I like u Joe but this comment…!…its disrespectful





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