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Answered prayers! Fans impressed after Ringtone´s ¨Pamela¨ resurfaces (video)

July 02, 2019 at 10:27
Answered prayers! Fans impressed after Ringtone´s ¨Pamela¨ resurfaces (video)

Fans hail Ringtone after they believe God has answered his prayers by sending him his own ´Pamela´.

The controversial artist has hit the airwaves after his bid in search of a wife went viral before dropping a jam where he marries Harmonize´s ex, Wolper.

According to him, Wolper is the ideal woman for him and he is more than grateful to have his prayers answered.


Just when the masses thought the dust had settled concerning this disturbing issue, one ´Pamela´ comes out to ´take back´ her hubby, Ringtone Apoko.

In a video on his social media, a girl alleging to be ´Pamela´ taking after the singer´s ¨Pamela¨ hit song comes to Nairobi to look for Ringtone.

According to the lass, she heard news that Ringtone was walking around town carrying placards, looking for an ideal woman to call a wife.

So she quickly dashes to Nairobi to take back her ´hubby´ and inform him that she was never lost and is here to have them re-unite.

Unfortunately, on her arrival in the city, she gets wind that the controversial singer has finally found a wife, which she does not agree with.

´Pamela´ adds that she even had a dream that her Mr Right proposed to her with a big machine and believes that is Ringtone.

As she concludes, she holds up a sheet of paper assuring Ringtone that she is back for him.


However, Ringtone shares the video and instead captions:

🙏🙏someone please help this lady she was find abandoned at machakos bus station😳😳😳😳

Fans are more than amused yet relieved to know that this is not a stunt but God´s way of answering Ringtone´s prayers away from the ¨Wolper drama¨.

Mixed reactions

She is exactly your march, go ahead and propose


apoko anataka mtu wa kulinda Ngombe na hataki kucha ndefu na nguo fupi, apoko type ni rejo maria


Jesoo 🙆🙆… Anyways I think this is the end of the searching. She’s perfect..NI vile tu anaongea nyingi


@ringtoneapokoyou just need to make her exactly what you want.. she got courage you is not a joke advertising yourself. Pia yeye amefika mwisho.


@ringtoneapoko😂😂search no more


Leo si dream leo n vision wooo mm itakua😮😮


Ringtone chukua huyu na uwache kutusumbua hahhaha


ama aje si wamepatana wote wako media finding each other..


kabisa 👌na hakuna pingamizi


What a perfect match😂😂😂😂 Indeed wacheni Mungu aitwe Mungu 😂✨I can’t wait for the videos that will be posted by this couple 😂✨


Afro cinema continues shortly 😂😂😂


Aki mchukue huyu



Huyu hagawii kukulima mangumi alafu kanakaa ka kuchupuka sana my brother you need to kneel down and pray about it again 😂
finally umepata bibi
Ringtone wife ndiye Huyo pumzika sasa maombi yamefika





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