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Are Ali Kiba and wife, Amina Khalef calling it quits already? [video]

July 18, 2019 at 08:01
Are Ali Kiba and wife, Amina Khalef calling it quits already? [video]

Diamond´s arch-rival, Ali Kiba allegedly parts ways with his wife hardly days ago and they both keep it under wraps.

Tanzanian radio personality, Mkamburi Chigogo reveals this on social media stating that the silence ought to be broken because Ali Kiba´s breakup with his baby mama is real.

She claims to have received the news from a source.

Unfortunately, Ali Kiba´s personal life is quite personal and not for the public.

Therefore having not spilt the beans all over social media.


The two have called it quits, with his Kenyan-born wife returning to Kongowea, having had enough of his wayward ways.

The reason behind this is claims that Ali Kiba cheated on his wife with a lady, Hoho.

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Additionally, it is claimed that King Kiba was mistreating his wife, hardly giving her the attention she requires and all.

Apparently, the bongo star has so far given his baby mama, Amina 3 divorces counting and it is clear the pair´s marriage is not working.

However, the two have a toddler together and the wife, Amina Khalef only requires Kiba to pay up for child support and she can sort out the rest.

The bongo media influencer, Mkamburi is however yet to confirm the same and so is Ali Kiba and Amina.

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Things are thick in the Kibas household.😭😭😭 Apparently Kiba ana danga kudanga and our beautiful Kenyan bae ameshindwa kuvumilia. 😣😣 ______________________________ One baby later and its rumoured that our beautiful damsel amerudi kwao Kongowea cause things are not working out. However everyone is very tight lipped about the issue and no one wants to reveal the real details kama kweli wamechana or not😏 _______________________________ Lakini huyu mwanaumme na ma baby kama hamsini sitakua shocked kama Amina wa watu alishindiwa kuvumilia na hivyo vitabia vyake😣😏 ___________________________ Hii story bado itaendelea… _____________ #thereportcard #entertainmentcommentary #entertainmentvlogger #entertainmentcontent #entertainmentvideo

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