Are Otile Brown and Joey Muthengi getting cosy together?

March 18, 2019 at 07:20
Are Otile Brown and Joey Muthengi getting cosy together?

Controversial artist, Otile Brown has been fanning relationship rumors since his breakup with socialite, Vera Sidika.

The Bongo artist was spotted getting too cosy with former Citizen TV show host, Joey Muthengi.

In an Instagram video, Otile is seen holding the caramel skinned beauty tightly right next to his chest as the two savored the moment.

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Otile Brown and Joey Muthengi dating?

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The pair looked pretty comfortable and smitten and a jovial Joey could not help it but smile.

She delicately rubbed the artist´s fingers all night as the two were engrossed in their conversation.

Ever since partying ways with Vera, Otile´s fans have wished him nothing but to see him happy and get a deserving lady.

Oh well, keep fingers crossed and hope the 10 over 10 show host gets to be Otile´s lost rib.

The model has hardly been open about her private life and tends to keep fine details about men she is dating, concealed.

One mistake made for Otile and Vera´s relationship, was unwrapping the couple´s dating life publicly, one that after the breakup ended up quite messy.

The pair exchanged bitter sentiments online , competing on exposing nitty-gritties of their relationship.

Money hungry gold digger was Vera´s opinion about the Bongo artist saying he was ever asking for handouts time and again.

An attention seeking psycho who was obsessed with sex was Otile´s part of the argument concerning Vera, claiming she brought in the idea of rushing into family life.

Insults were exchanged, screenshots shared, on and on until the couple could take it no more, calling it quits.





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