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Arrow Bwoy’s quest to fall in love in new jam “Tujuane” is definitely worth your time

February 17, 2020 at 12:04
Arrow Bwoy

Arrow Bwoy seems to understand his audience by the day. Days after dropping a sensational gospel song he now brings you a new love song dubbed “Tujuane”.

As valentines day approaches a song like this is clearly something we want to listen to. A time of love needs good music too. For one we can say that Arrow Bwoy doesn’t disappoint either.

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The 27-year-old has proven that music is a luxury he would not want to lose. His fans too are also a happy lot because of his consistency. After all in Kenya that is what keeps you afloat.


This song is your everyday feel-good love song where a guy is trying to win a girl by telling her he wants “Tujuane”.

Tujuane is Swahili for “Let’s get to know each other”.It is a quest by a guy who has fallen in love with a woman. Trying to win her over and be with her.

Arrow Bwoy Music

This is a situation that many of us face daily falling love with people and trying to know them and be part of their lives.

Basically the song is quite relatable to many. Arrow Bwoy has clearly outdone himself in this jam.

For one I will give a thumbs up for the lyrical creativity he has a way with words and can make you fall in love.

For a guy that has fallen in love, we see him asking to get to know the girl in question. He even goes ahead to ask for her number and a chance to see her again.

The Vicky Pondis and  Trey Juelz produced video is so well done and for a day like valentines day, it can be added on the playlist.

I mean am sure most of you would want to meet again if valentines will be the first date. Maybe this song can help you say those words you are so afraid to put across to that chic or guy you like.

For that good job Arrow Bwoy this is jam is timely.

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  1. Arrow Bwoy’s quest to fall in love in new jam “Tujuane” is definitely worth your time – VIP Celebrities : February 17, 2020 at 3:05 pm


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