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Artist Spotlight: Dan Q, rising star who has braved all odds

July 18, 2019 at 23:06
Artist Spotlight: Dan Q, rising star who has braved all odds

It’s rare to find artists from some parts of the country such as Turkana trying to make headways on the national music scene. Most of them give up along the way never to be heard from again.

It is for this reason that we have to laud one musician who goes by the name Danson Achila Ng’itira, alias Dan Q, for going against the odds. The fact that he’s from Turkana has not stopped him from chasing his dreams of being the next Kenyan superstar.

Dan Q

Dan Q

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He developed interest in music when he joined secondary school. Dan Q thrust himself into the limelight when he released his first single dubbed Ananitesa in 2014. The song made him one of the most-sought after artists in Turkana.

In the same year, Dan Q was lucky to be selected by Refigah of GrandPa Records as one of the artists that he wanted to work with during a talent Search that was held in Lodwar. However, this was not to be as the record label soon disintegrated following the exit of the lead producer Visita.

Dan Q decided to keep chasing his dream. He has been doing auditions from 2016 up to date. He won a Tuma Award for Male Artist of the year and this gave him the financial muscle that he needed to record a song.

Dan Q

Dan Q

A few weeks ago, he dropped the song dubbed Fuliza and it has been getting good reviews. The song, which was directed by Trey Juelz and produced by Alka Productions, is a clear indication that Dan Q didn’t come to play! Keep an eye out for him!

Watch his latest song dubbed Fuliza below and tell us what you think.


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  1. Dan Q is supertalented and its no doubt that he is in the spotlight… Good things take time and surely his perseverence has paid off…. Fuliza is a good song coming from a fine artist. Congratulations DanQ.

  2. kakuta joseph : July 19, 2019 at 5:43 pm

    do not some of the obstacles we face as a marginalized community prevent you from achieving your dream..the hardwork you are putting one day will surely bore have all that it takes to be a super artist in this country…just believe in yourself and trust the process…do everything at your own pace and let no one push you in hurrying things…Dan Q to the Kenya and the Whole world…emam ibore kitapi!!

  3. Dan Qute mtoto mturu. Guy your music is inspiring me. I wish I had good money to sponsor your talent fully to greater heights but all the same I know one day I will support you financially. You have put the face of Turkana to a bongo like county. Let God be always your first bread and you will defeat all obstacles. We are together brother in prayers

  4. My bro Dan Q, am honoured and happy to hear and witness your music diversifying from inner and merginalized county of turkana in the northern part of kenya….
    I cant tell the hardships and obstacles all the way to where you are now, but I can tell you that you deserve all you have now…
    Keep the candle light bro….
    Dont ever put it off…

  5. Wishing you the best in your music career Dan🙌

  6. Ekone Dan q kikeu Turkan looking.

  7. Dan Q is supertalented.keep the fire burning brother 💪

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