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Artist Spotlight: Steph Kapela, musical genius in the making

May 05, 2020 at 21:08
Artist Spotlight: Steph Kapela, musical genius in the making

Kenya has no shortage of good rappers but there are some who are a cut above the rest take for example one lad who is goes by the name Stephen Nyankuru alias Steph Kapela.

He began his musical journey in 2007 when he flew to the USA to study. Steph returned to Kenya in 2015 and linked up with Atwal Music who is said to have played a big role in getting his name out there.

He later joined Callivan Creatives where he has enjoyed a lot of success which culminated into an Extended Play (EP) titled Step by Step.

Steph Kapella

Steph Kapela

If you’ve listened to any of Steph’s songs then I’m sure you know that he is a musical genius. His style is quite unique and perhaps this is what sets him apart from his fellow rappers.

This chap has a way of infusing singing and rapping in his songs and the outcome is always awesome. To add to that, his vocal skills and ability to play around with words in his lyrics are unmatched.

As you listen to his music, you’ll note the US influence but what I love most about him is that he often incorporates some Sheng and Swahili so that we (Kenyans) don’t feel left out.

If you ask me, it is only a matter of time before the whole country comes to know about him. He is without a sdoubt the next big thing.

Listen to his latest single dubbed Exposure. Enjoy!




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