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Aslay takes us on a new journey in ‘Moyo Kiburi’

November 25, 2019 at 19:49
Aslay takes us on a new journey in 'Moyo Kiburi'

Aslay is back with a new wave on his new jam Moyo Kiburi. The Tanzanian singer always has it right when it comes to his choice of music.

Moyo Kiburi is just a jam that will carry you from the word go.  He is one guy who has that perfect voice that leaves most people to want to play his music.

Aslay has a great lyrical prowess and his words are well sieved. Moyo Kiburi has some good lines that are so lit.

Aslay takes us on a new journey in 'Moyo Kiburi'

Aslay takes us to the world of love where the heart decides

To start with, let us look at the lyrics and try to understand the deeper meaning of Moyo Kiburi.

Moyo wangu unataka Unataka unavyotaka Unataka unavyotaka  Ila chunga usije leta maafa. He is talking of a heart that is driving him crazy.

Unachagua pa kutua Pa kuchutama pa kukaa Pa kusimama pa kutembea Pa kukimbia moyo. In addition, the heart is choosy and it makes decisions on where to land and stay.

Moyo wangu jeuri Moyo wangu kiburi Aah jeuri moyo wangu kiburi Aah jeuri moyo wangu kiburi. Also, the heart is bossy and very chossy.

Aslay takes us on a new journey in 'Moyo Kiburi'

Moyo nakupa cheo We ndo mmliki wa hisia zangu Yaani kama mti We ni shina langu (Shina langu ooh). In this case, the heart he has given the heart power to decide.

Moyo Kiburi has been shot and given the best treatment. The video is so good and very interesting. It has a unique feel and that is what makes it sell.

The audio and is well done and is not competing with the beats. The thought of this song being played at a wedding is a great one.

Deeper into the song, there is that love in the lyrics. In conclusion, Moyo Kiburi is relevant to all the age groups as it has that simple message of love. Last but not least, Aslay gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.




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