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Aslay’s Nyang’anyang’a shows love in the air

April 01, 2019 at 11:27
Aslay's Nyang'anyang'a shows love in the air

Aslay at it again with a a new hit Dubbed Nyang’anyang’a. Nyang’anyang’a was directed by Justin Campos. It is entertaining and the beats are on another level. I am in love with this jam. The song simply means you excite me. I am in love with Aslay’s voice, i would give anything to listen to it.

The production of the video was amazing, the venue looks great and the video is clear. Sound is well catered for. The title of the song is well brought out through repetition. Umeniweza nyang’anyang’a (aiyo) Nyang’anyang’a beiby ooh  Sijateleza nyang’anyang’a (wouwo) Mi kwako nyang’anyang’a (mpenzi njoo) It makes it easier for the viewer to grasp the message.

” Oooh, uchungu wangu unaujua wewe Uchungu wako naujuwaga mimi mwenyewe Pilika pilika za kuku na mwewe Adui ndo inazo walazi wasitusumbue” .In this verse Aslay says that the lover knows the pain he goes through and he as well understands her.He goes on to say that haters are on the run but they will not disturb them. I like this verse,symbolism has been used when he says Pilika pilika za kuku na mwewe to explain the speed.

I am in love with the verse; “Wanapata taabu wanavyoona tunapendana tunawapa adhabu mpaka maji wanaikama mama ma” It feels good when people are struggling to contain the hurt from another persons love.

As per the lyrics the song can also be played in clubs, weddings or any social gatherings, this is because the words are not vulgar. This shows some maturity. Although the song is good, I feel like it’s target audience is limited to the age of 18-25. This is the only age bracket that would really understand what Nyang’anyang’a means.

Although the song is nice the dancer in a yellow dress seems to have more enegy than anyone else, she gives life to the song. I like this. I would give the song a rating of 6/10. To me it would have been brought out better if more energy is put on the dancers.

Below is a link to the video.





  1. Felix kisaka : April 2, 2019 at 10:58 am

    Wow keep it up aslay you’re such a great musician. Love the song

  2. Hiyo song iko 4m xana

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