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“Ata shetani hukushang’aa!” Willy Paul bashed after sharing thirst trap holding lady in compromising position (Photo)

October 28, 2020 at 19:18
"Ata shetani hukushang'aa!" Willy Paul bashed after sharing thirst trap holding lady in compromising position (Photo)

After joining the entertainment industry as a gospel artist, who was determined to go after the heart of God; Willy has now morphed into a wild singer doing secular music and he likes it!

However this happened to fast leaving some of his gospel fans assuming that this is just a phase that would pass with time. Sadly as the years continue to pass, Willy Paul on the other hand keeps proving that he is never getting back to his old self.

So far he has proven this using through his music and performance with Nandy; and even word of mouth especially now that he has nothing to hide about his lifestyle.

Willy Paul pours his heart out in 'Magnetic'

Willy Paul

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Son’s of Solomon cover

Although it is no secret that Pozee will not be jumping back to the gospel industry anytime soon; some of his fans need him to take things slow especially after sharing a few photos from recent photoshoot.

In the photo said to be the cover for his Son’s of Solomon album; Pozee is seen holding his model in a way that has left many with wild thoughts. While others went on to leave thirst comments under the post; there are those who wished they could unsee the photo.

One of his critics wrote;

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Willy Paul

maina_erik; Wewe ata Shetani alishangaa na wewe…. amekuachia ulimwengu

While another went on to add;

nichodemusmutiso; You call yourself Aman of God!!! Dunia ina wajinga kweli…

Well truth is, Willy Paul is out here making his money using any possible way; but his fans want to see a righteous man – but this will not be happening anytime soon.




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