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Ataweza? Tanasha places her demand if Diamond cheats

August 26, 2019 at 08:03
Ataweza? Tanasha places her demand if Diamond cheats

Diamond’s philandering ways have put him at a tight spot to an extent his girlfriends-cum-exes keep forewarning any lady who falls into his trap.

First it was Zari he cheat on with Hamisa. Before pouncing on Tanasha. Both Zari and Hamisa have sent messages of caution to the Kenyan model who is now pregnant for the Tanzanian crooner.

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Seems it has finally sank in or come to light that no matter who or what status a lady who Diamond gets himself involved with has, history will always repeat itself.

And it is the high time Tanasha took note of this and set the record straight. Well, she has set her standards and the ball is now in Diamond’s court.

Through her Insta stories with a song playing in the background, Tanasha stated her demands, posting:

I love my baby daddy but if he f**k another b!tch, I won’t ever ever touch him (he knows it).

Meanwhile, Diamond has been trying to assure his fans and exes that Tanasha is just one of a kind.

Early January 2019, the Wasafi President through his song ‘Nitampata Wapi’ and captioning Tanasha’s photo sang:

Sura yako mtaratibu, mwenye macho ya aibu, kukucheat sitoweza maana nakupenda sana.

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Les parents 💕 #throwback

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Thereafter in March, the ‘Tetema’ hit maker while commenting on one of the beauty’s photo, publicly vowed:

Roho yangu mie. nakupenda mpaka nakupenda tena…Najua wanasubiri lini, ila watasubiri sana! Sikucheat hata iweje!

Will he stick to his word? Let’s give him the benefit of doubt because the ball is now in his court. Hawezi sema hakuambiwa!




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