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Audios of Jalang’o and Kamene mocking Shakilla surface

October 15, 2020 at 12:06
Audios of Jalang'o and Kamene mocking Shakilla surface

For a minute we all expected that Kamene Goro’s relationship with Shakilla would last longer; especially after the radio presenter offered to be Shakilla’s big sister.

However since betrayal started way back with Peter from Bible; Shakilla now understands the meaning of being stabbed in the back thanks to Kamene Goro. Well, it all started after Kiss FM’s morning presenters decided to weigh in on the Shakilla/Willy Paul drama.

Willy Paul to sue Shakilla

According to the former gospel singer Shakilla broke into his home; and since we cannot confirm who is telling the truth, we just leave at that.

However speaking to through their morning Show; Jalang’o jokingly went on to say a short prayer for Willy Paul as he was being troubled by the devil who’s trying to ruin his career. Jalang’o said;

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Willy Paul has asked for prayers…father God tunakuja mbele yako katika dakika hii. Tunakemea pepo yoyote ambayo inaweza taka kumharibia Willy Paul career yake. Pepo ingine ambayo itakuja ambayo itakuja kumharibia career yake.

Jalang’o insults Shakilla?

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Unfortunately the prayer issued by Jalang’o to Willy Paul, the radio presenter is heard describing Shakilla as ‘pepo.’

unajua mateso amepitia ili afike hapa. najua ata aliwacha kukuimbia wimbo zako za injili lakini haujawai kumuacha bwana. Dakika hii tunakuomba, pepo kama Shakila….

Shakilla on the other hand seems quite offended by what the two did;and now, there seems to be new beef brewing between the three parties.





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