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David Kingsley

Comme ci, comme ça

Camp Mulla

Why Kenyan music groups don’t last

Very few Kenyan music groups/ bands have stood the test of time but have you ever wondered why? I have some reasons that could explain why. The...

August 28, 2019
Eko Dydda

Has Eko Dydda has lost his uniqueness?

In as much as Eko Dydda is still making music, sometimes I wonder what happened to him, it almost seems like he disappeared after releasing Niko Na...

August 28, 2019
Nadia Mukami

Nadia Mukami is going places

As I was watching Nadia Mukami’s latest single dubbed Ikamate Hiyo, I could not help but wonder how she has learnt the ropes so fast. I was...

August 28, 2019
Is Timmy Tdat imitating new-age musicians?

Is Timmy Tdat imitating new-age musicians?

There has been a raging debate about Timmy Tdat’s new release dubbed Were, a song that praises women who are well-endowed. Yaani, wale wamejibeba! Also read: It’s official,...

August 26, 2019
Sage Chemutai

Where did Sage Chemutai disappear to?

Most of us came to know Sage Chemutai when she released So Alive with Kenyan rapper Henry Ohanga, alias Octopizzo, but for some reason not much has...

August 24, 2019