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Why an axe is perfect for survival: A case of the horror movie ”Get Out” with Swahili theme song

December 27, 2017 at 10:48
Why an axe is perfect for survival: A case of the horror movie ''Get Out'' with Swahili theme song

The Movie  Get Out is directional  debut for Jordan Peele who is known for his work in the comedy show Key Peele.  According  to Peele, horror and comedy are one and the same especially with the pacing.

The chilling swahili song can be heard at both the beginning and at the end of the movie. The two synonymous words are  kimbia and sikiliza which translate to run and listen respectively.  The movie is the perfect example why you need a good camp axe or hatchet while going upcountry and these are the reasons:

The Safety benefits of an axe or hatchet

Whether you are going up country or camping, there always going to be impending danger. A gun might not be readily available for everyone but an axe is. An axe can be used as a defence weapon against predators both of two and four-legged variety.  Chris, the main character in the movie had to kill his girlfriend’s family with improvised weapons. It would have been much more easier if he had a hand axe.

Splitting Firewood with an axe or hatchet

One of the moving scenes in the movie is when Chris approaches one of the black workers who was splitting firewood with an axe. The guy splits the firewood with pin point accuracy and it has everything to do with the axe. A well sharpened and maintained axe and hatchet can come in handy in camping situations where you need to split firewood for energy needs.

Using an axe or hatchet for Hunting

A good axe can be used for hunting purposes.  It might not be effective as other weapons but it can still do the work. In the movie Get Out, Chris  and girlfriend run over a deer. It was still breathing when Chris located it. If he had an axe, he could have finished the job. He had the opportunity of harvesting the antlers and presenting it as a gift to the girl’s parents who had other ideas about him.

An axe or  hatchet can be especially useful for survival if you are lost in the wilderness (the woods or forest). Here are some other uses for a camping axe or hatchet that may convince you to pack one when going on a trip in the wild.





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