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Babu Owino reveals why he started taking chang’aa at the age of 8 years (Video)

July 27, 2020 at 08:56
Babu Owino reveals why he started taking chang’aa at the age of 8 years (Video)

Babu Owino this past weekend gave Kenyans on social media a show that many will never forget.

For the first time the Embakasi East legislator narrated how his childhood in Nyalenda slums, Kisumu County was; as well as blaming it for his current violent behavior!

Turns out that Babu Owino did not have the usual normal childhood as his mother sold Chang’aa; an illicit brew, just to make ends meet.

Being the breadwinner of the family meantshe had no option but to hustle for her child! Speaking through his social media pages, Babu Owino opened up saying;

Babu Owino

Today I have decided to talk to fellow Kenyans heart-to-heart and in the course of my duties I have been engaging you on various platforms on social media and I sense your anger. I sense that some of you are hurt and some are disappointed with me. I am a human being like you,

About his mother, being among those who sold the illicit brew meant that their family often faced police brutality; and even at some point Babu went on to reveal that he watched them whip his mum.

My mother sold chang’aa. She did not sell chang’aa because she wanted to but because she wanted us to go to school and to get the best services. Police harassment was real, and I witnessed them whipping my mother

Tasting Chang’aa

Being a common drink in most slums, Babu says kids get to taste it when they are quite young; and since no one is around to observe what happens, Babu says he then got to have his first Chang’aa at the age of 8 years. He opened up saying;

Babu Owino with his two grown daughters

At around eight years, I tasted chang’aa. I did it because it was what everyone was doing around, and it was the normal thing to do. Out of influence, I had to take chang’aa. Since then I have been taking alcohol.

He however claims to have quit alcohol for a few months now; but we also can’t help but think this might just be another stunt especially now that many have been demanding for DJ Evolve to get justice!





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