Baby on board! Sauti Sol Team Member expecting his first child

March 31, 2017 at 12:19
Annabel Onyango and hubby

Citizen TV’s fashion watch cop Annabel Onyango is with child. The lady who is married to Sauti sol’s manager Marek Fuchs happily announced this during a recent interview and from what I hear, she cannot wait to meet her child.

Annabel Onyango is also Sauti Sol’s stylist and with her busy schedule, the lady is still enjoying her pregnancy.

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According to SDE who were first to highlight the story, the lady announced this after she was asked to name the last thing she had seen that wowed her mind and to their surprise she responded to say,

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“My baby’s sonogram.”

Unlike most celebrities who choose to keep their pregnancies on the low until baby bumps start to show, Annabel Onyango has proven to be one of a kind as she revealed this weeks before anyone could even tell that she is carrying a baby.

I guess it’s congratulations from us.




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