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Baby Fever! Vera Sidika Reveals Brown Mauzo Is Keen On Siring Baby Number 2

January 06, 2022 at 09:46
Baby Fever! Vera Sidika Reveals Brown Mauzo Is Keen On Siring Baby Number 2

Vera Sidika has placed her daughter on a pedestal and can’t have enough of her. The flamboyant socialite is not only a happy first time mom, but also exhilarated & satisfied with her hunk hubby Brown Mauzo. The endless gushes for both of them depicts how much they mean to her.

Asia Brown’s Deluxe Lifestyle

Her daughter Asia Brown took less than a week to become a household name. And just like her mum, she’s already becoming a celebrity. Immediately after being born, an Instagram account was created for her & at just 2 months old, she already had 57K followers on her page.

While pregnant, Vera had promised Asia would live a sumptuous lifestyle. And she’s living up to her promise.

Vera’s daughter is already living an expensive lifestyle, and her clothes and diapers were imported from the USA and UK. Asia has become a source of happiness to the retired socialite and always refers to her as a special gift.

Baby Fever

After a successful caesarian section (CS) on Vera, her husband Brown Mauzo already has plans underway to sire baby number 2 with her. Vera claims that after CS, she was already up on her feet and she’s willing to do it over & over.

Sharing on her Instagram stories, Vera revealed that they’re looking to sire a baby by the end of this year.

”Lmaoo I think the dad is planning this indirectly. Anyways. Yess. Would be nice for Asia to have a sibling probably end 2022. Inshallah.”

She added that she’s looking to have 3 or 4 kids in future.




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