Back when Mishi Dora was stilll a hustler dining at vibanda’s only

December 15, 2017 at 15:46
Back when Mishi Dora was stilll a hustler dining at vibanda's only

Mishi Dora sometime back knew nothing about expensive hotels, outfits and even wigs. She was just another simple ordinary lady used to dining at Vibandas without a care in the world.

Well, we have learnt this after photos from her past we’re shared online by an unknown source. Thanks to the pictures, fans can now get a good glimpse of the old Mishi Dora being simple and probably lovable.

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In the photos she is seen dining with a friend or companion who definitely did not mind eating at the local joint. Not quite sure when the photos were taken but the truth is, Mishi has not changed much in terms of looks.

The lady graduates to a socialite

Life has definitely changed for Mishi Dora who now enjoys it on the first lane. The socialite also seems to have upgraded her socialite circle and only hangs out with people who are in her ‘class.’


  1. Hawa maslay queens kumbe walipitia hizi area

  2. Maisha ni kuvumilia

  3. Lol,I wonder if she can go to such places now

  4. Kibandaski food is usually very tasty

  5. This is before she became a star

  6. Beautful is her nature She was hustling but so beautful anyway is so hard kuvumilia na uwombe mungu will succeed

  7. Life is hard but ukiomba mungu na ujikaze utafaulu enko Dora kwa kuwa mtulivu kwa mungu hadi akakuonekania

  8. Thanks Dora kwa kuwa mvumilivu hadi mungu akakuonekania

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