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Back when Mama Dangote’s Ben 10 was young and broke!

September 26, 2019 at 10:59
Back when Mama Dangote’s Ben 10 was young and broke!

Word making rounds on social media is that Mama Dangote is expecting her first child with  Uncle Shamte aka Rally Jones.

Well, we cannot confirm whether she is indeed pregnant since her age doesn’t allow it. But if the rumors are true then congratulations are in order!

Mama Dangote

Anyway, mama Dangote and her young man have been the talk of town due to their age differences but the two don’t seem to care what people say about their relationship.

Mama Dangote celebrates young husband

Through her Instagram page, Mama Dangote earlier this morning posted a new photo of her man from back in the day.

Judging from the photo, it’s evident to see that  Rally Jones was not wealthy before meeting his lady but now money has changed him to the handsome middle aged man that is giving many women sleepless nights!

Anyway check out his photo before the money and fame.

Rally Jones aka Shamte




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