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Bahati attacked for ignoring ex-lover on mother’s day

May 14, 2019 at 07:59
Bahati attacked for ignoring ex-lover on mother's day

Bahati is yet again a topic of discussion online after ignoring his baby mama on mother’s day. The singer took to social media to wish his wife Diana Marua a special mother’s day, calling her a gem in the process.

He penned a sweet message online dedicating the day to her.

“Dear Diana,
You’re a Gem
You’re Precious
You’re a Pillar to Our Family
You’re My Prayer Partner
Thank you for giving me a Chance to be Called a Father.
Thank you for Being the Best Mum to my Kids.
In this World no One Comes Above You.
You’re Part of My Heart and Soul…

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”Dear Diana. You’re a gem. You’re precious. You’re a pillar to our family. You’re my prayer partner. Thank you for giving me a chance to be called a father. Thank you for being the best mum to my kids. In this world, no one comes above you. You’re part of my heart and soul. Happy Mothers’ Day love,” he wrote. 


Batahi, however, ignored his former girlfriend Yvette whom he has one child with.

A number of people picked issue with him for not appreciating his other baby mama and mother to his first born girl Mueni. According some, Bahati should have at least said something online.

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  1. People should live Bahati alone. Kwani must he congratulate Yvette for giving him a child. What people are saying is that Bahati should take care of every girl he has had a relationship with. He is married and his wife is the important person in his life. Yvette is his past and Bahati is taking care of their baby, what else do you people want him to do. Marry Yvette or show her love and affection and how about Diana???

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