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Bahati is a disgrace to the gospel fraternity

March 11, 2020 at 19:30
Bahati is a disgrace to the gospel fraternity

It’s hard to understand what Kevin Bahati has become these days. If you’ve been following his musical journey then I am sure you know that Mr Seed introduced him to the gospel industry then he went on to become a bigger artist.

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There was a time when the 26-year-old singer made good music, the kind that you could listen to even when an elder person was in the room. However, I don’t know what became of him, I really don’t.



For many people, when Willy Paul started becoming unruly, being involved in scandals and releasing secular music, they saw Bahati as the better option since he was rooted in the gospel, had a family and made good music.

Lately, I’m not so sure. He has taken a whole 360 turn and he is now even worse than his nemesis Willy Paul who has since ditched the gospel industry.

If there is a scandal today, you’ll probably hear Bahati’s name in it. He is also known for exploiting artists at his EMB Record label then he was the first artist to release a Gospel Gengetone jam.

Sometimes you look at the happenings in the industry and you wonder what happened to this young man. Did he let the little fame that he has get into his head? I really don’t know what to make of his recent behavior.

I’ve always assumed that artists or pretty much anyone in the limelight have people who advice them the same would apply for Bahati since he has been in the industry for 10 or more years.


Are they quiet as they see this young man throw his career away in the name of looking for relevance? Is it okay to do so? Because I don’t like sugar coating things I’ll tell you that he is a disgrace to the gospel fraternity.

There are people who have always seen him as a role model since he has always had a good reputation. What do they think of him now? Would they even want to associate with him?

There are things that are permissible when you are a secular artist but the fact Kevin Bahati has always identified as a gospel artists should actually mean something, otherwise he is just mocking God.

Watch his latest collabo with Mejja and Madtraxx dubbed Kererembe below.





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