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Bahati lavishes Diana to an exotic birthday treat [photos]

November 06, 2019 at 11:21
Bahati lavishes Diana to an exotic birthday treat [photos]

Lady Diana Marua just clocked 30 and she is not going to give any of us a break. Infact, she is all over the place.

Through a long Instagram post, she broke the news to the world but fans are still battling with her age that seems to have been a lie all along.

That aside, she had a bucket list and top of it was her wish to have settled in life and had a family and well, it has come to pass. She remains grateful.

Today, I’ve stepped into the 3RD DECADE OF MY LIFE! I’ve never felt so certain and sure about the purpose that God has called me to live for. My prayer was to have a settled life and a family before this day and for sure, everything I ever wished for unfolded in God’s perfect timing.

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TRUST. My loves, @bahatikenya @morgan_bahati @heavenbahati @majestybahati God has trusted me with giving me your hearts as my responsibility to take care of, to make happy, to make sure I give you my all and most importantly to remind you to always Dwell in Him. I may get overwhelmed day and night making sure ya'll get nothing but my best, my body may be tired but what I promise you, is that what I will never fail to do as a wife and a mother, is to always go down on my knees and stand in the gap for all of you. Our God has set us ontop of a hill that we cannot be hidden, He is never moved by anything but by prayers. I consider myself highly Blessed, favoured and Dangerous when I pray because I know Mountains Move. The best part is seeing all of you win 💃 The future is brighter I guarantee you, This God is too tooooo Much! I love you my blessed family, Always know that your Mama gatt Ya in a different capacity! ❤🙏

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Despite the successes, there were failures and things that she was unable to accomplish before she hit 30.

But that is what she believes have sharpened her to the woman she is proud to be today.

As I take time to relax, enjoy and meditate about my life, I have soo much to thank Him for, the things that worked and didn’t work out in my life, they’ve sharpened me to be who I am today. I’ve made many mistakes, I’ve learnt alot of lessons, no regrets; however, what matters most is the chance I have to breathe again and make everyday count.


Second is her ´ride or die´ – Bahati with whom she believes she will reach levels of abundance with.

One man who has made her life worth living, assuring her that nothing is impossible if only you set your mind to it.

Diana Marua and her ride or die, Bahati

For her, ´he is the best choice´.

30 has never looked soo promising and to have my ride or die by my side, one thing I’m sure of is that we will move mountains together, God is taking us to levels full of abundance just to reveal His glory through us. Babe, Thank you for making my life beautiful for assuring me everyday that nothing is impossible if I put my mind on it. This day will always be in my memory and I thank God He picked the best for me. The father to my amazing kids, I love and appreciate you everyday day of my life!

And her prayer is ´to continue doing life together´ with her hubby.

To many more Birthdays by your side is my prayer to God. Let’s continue doing life together @bahatikenya ❤🙏


Bahati has come out boldly to affirm to the mother of his 2 kids that he adores her more than she might have perceived.

First, he treats her to a candle-lit, music-jamming and buffet-blowing pre-birthday night. She pens:

Pre Birthday night loading!!! I love, love, loooovveee the mood set here 😍❤ Thank you Babe @bahatikenya 🥰🥰

Diana Marua´s pre-birthday night, courtesy of Bahati

Next, he surprises her with a treat at the breath-taking countryside Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge in Nakuru.

A cocktail setup that blew away Diana´s mind and for her, this remains one of the best birthdays ever.

A few hours ago, hubby @bahatikenya surprised me with a cocktail setup at the sundowner 😍 This has been one of the best birthdays celebrate yet. By this time, I couldn’t remember everything we did the entire day, we did soo much…






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