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Bahati responds after being accused of conning his friend Ksh 200,000

November 03, 2017 at 09:39

A few days after holding his colorful traditional wedding, singer Bahati was yet dragged into another scandal that claims he was arrested for fraud after conning one Thuranira Kathiai.

According to the reports making rounds on social media, Bahati alleged business partner went ahead to shame slam the gospel singer through his Facebook page where he publicly announced that he conned him Sh 200,000 that was to be used ti start a joint business.

Bahati with the man he is said to have conned

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Mr Thuranira Kathiai went on to add that even after reporting the matter to the police station, Bahati used his connections to escape the law…However Bahati has finally decided to respond to the claims saying that he had no idea there was such a story making rounds on social media..

“Mi sijasikia stori ka hiyo. Hao ni wasee wamelipwa kuandika vitu kaa hizo. Mi ata sijui. Si acha nikucall baadaye juu niko kwa meeting kiasi?”

His manager who also seemed shocked to hear of this added to say;

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“Ati ameshikwa, lini, ilihappen siku gani? Sisi hatuko Nairobi, tuko mahali tunapiga shoo.Hao ni wasee wanahangaika kusaka content tu, hakuna kitu kaa hiyo brathe.”

Bahati’s manager went on to add that they knew Thuranira Kathiai as a fan of Bahati’s music but not as a businessman and for this reason they will have to take legal actions for defamation. He concluded by saying:

“We are leaving it to our lawyers to deal with the issue. How can someone make such a claim without any evidence?”





  1. Gloria Wavinya : November 3, 2017 at 1:37 pm

    There’s always some truth

  2. So,its not true? this guy is not serious

  3. Let the law be followed

  4. i dont trust bahati anymore,too many twists

  5. Baha lipa deni tu,hakuna haja ya kucheza PR

  6. Wanamdanganyia bahati coz wanamuonea wivu akiwa na his beautiful wife.Kwani wanamtaka Diana

  7. Honestly baha you know him

  8. You guys even lived in the same flat in Ruaka.. shame! shame! shame! He isn’t a fan but was once a close friend.

  9. Joe Dio Kenyan Realest : November 4, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    Someone should hit my DM for some words

  10. fide kitatafidellis : November 4, 2017 at 11:57 pm

    bro don’t worry many people are not happy while your are going on well

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