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Bahati strongly warns Nick Mutuma against cheating with wife Diana Marua (Details)

August 21, 2020 at 12:58
Bahati strongly warns Nick Mutuma against cheating with wife Diana Marua (Details)

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It all starts with a glass of wine and a day out, before a man and woman realize there is more they share in common and before we know it, things blow up on our faces.

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After a colorful birthday event for their only biological son, Majesty Bahati, the artist decided to let his wife loose a bit as she paraded her day out with Kenya’s heartthrob of an actor, Nick Mutuma and netizens could not help but notice this was probably the ideal pair.

Looking glad to be by each other’s side, relaxing by the poolside and smiling ear to ear, a dear Nick adorably gushed over Marua;

Aunty @diana_marua has now added actor onto her resumé and I guarantee you that she is a natural.

Nick Mutuma with Diana Marua enjoying the warm weather by the poolside

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The tags ‘aunty’ and ‘bro’ by the actor, in reference to Diana and Bahati raised eyebrows despite Marua’s older age compared to the two gentlemen but it became salty when Bahati realized Nick was probably overstaying his welcome, threatening;

Kitu Tuu Usahau Nikuninyanganya Bibi Ulizia Utaambiwa Mimi sio Mrahisi 🤣🤣🤣

Bahati and Nick Mutuma flexing some muscles

The young gospel kid forewarned the light-skin hunk against overstepping his boundaries and secretly eyeing the mother to his children, because it was never going to end well. Even though the artist did not clearly explain what he meant but ‘mimi sio mrahisi’, I bet Nick Mutuma promptly got the message, one he is yet to respond to.

Diana and Nick Mutuma feature in Bahati’s new hit, Naanza Tena

Bahati’s Naanza Tena anthem

The Nick Mutuma-Diana Marua deal came about after the two featured in Bahati’s new track Naanza Tena with Nick being this city hunk who had spoilt Diana with the finer things in life – a life that Bahati who was a village boy living with his grandfather could not afford her.

Singer Bahati with his 98-year old grandfather

This hurt him so bad but he never gave up on hope, promising to start from zero again and lead the life of his dreams. Away from that Nick Mutuma, has been blessed with an adorable daughter Dua, from his wife and actress, Bridget Shighadi, whom he moved on with after partying ways with Tanasha Donna.

Bridget Shighadi with daughter, Dua

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