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Bahati’s fiancé steps out with no makeup, fans claim she looks like a different person (Photos)

September 25, 2017 at 12:09
Bahati’s fiancé steps out with no makeup, fans claim she looks like a different person (Photos)

Diana Marua who is now known to be dating young gospel singer Bahati has always given fans to talk about. She is however one lady who does not care what people say about her and this is why she is still dating Bahati even after people trolled her for dating a man who is way younger than her.

Diana Marua with Bahati

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When it comes down to her fashion sense, the lady definitely slays and so does her makeup. Just like most women she enjoys wearing perfect make up to cover up her blemishes – in order to feel beautiful and there is no harm in that.

However, there are new photos of the lady where she is seen with no makeup making her appear like a totally different person. Well, she still looks beautiful but without the makeup the lady looks totally different from the flawless Diana Marua we are used to seeing on Bahati’s page.

Below are a few photos of the ladies with no makeup.

Diana Marua without makeup

Diana Marua without makeup

Diana Marua





  1. Lovely babe with make up

  2. She looks totally different


  4. Wololo…make up is helpin girls out hre

  5. She is not that bad,but again…toast to the make up

  6. She still looks good with or without make up

  7. Looks way older though.. Uyu dem ni she’s a plus size.?..I don’t like her

  8. Wouww she looks pretty… Tho make up??

  9. Celestine munini : September 26, 2017 at 8:21 am

    Waaaaat!!!she looks so diffrent

  10. She still looks pretty

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