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Bahati’s hot wife, Diana Marua graces cover of True Love magazine!

May 07, 2019 at 07:30
Bahati’s hot wife, Diana Marua graces cover of True Love magazine!

Diana Marua graces the front of this months “True Love East Africa Magazine” with a cover story that cheers the way she balances her marriage, motherhood in front of a camera and lastly how she dealt with her troubled childhood.

The magazine revealed the cover on Monday morning before the lass also shared it on her Instagram page.

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Judging from Marua’s caption, we indeed understand that getting this gig was a big deal for her. She goes on to thank God for opening doors of opportunity and also for the strength of balancing both work and motherhood.

Diana Marua

Trouble motherhood

Although Diana Marua prefers to keep her private life on the low; she opens up about her childhood that many know nothing about.

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Dear Mother, Look at your baby 😇 My life has taken shapes that were once dreams 😢 This is a special dedication to you, for bringing me to this world #HappyMothersDayMama 🥰 Today, I'm living every kind of dream I wished for. I'm so elated to be on this months cover page of one of the best selling magazine in Africa… @Truelove_ea and not only that but I'm with my baby @heavenbahati for the Mother's Day edition- The Digital Mum 💃🙏When I'm thinking that this God is too much and I can't handle, He keeps reminding me that it's just the beginning, I better get ready!! I'm appreciative of my small achievements, I don't know how I'll deal with what is yet to come. For now, I'm proud of earning and living the best title in the world… 'MOTHER' to my kids @morgan_bahati and @heavenbahati Motherhood is crazy, it's a rollercoaster, everyday is different but what's more rewarding is that it's a God's given responsibility. To my hubby @bahatikenya I wouldn't be a Mother if it were not for you loving me harder each day, so heeeeyyy, this is to you too boo boo😉😘 Get yourself a copy and find out more about me, being a mum in this digital age, family, career… all this under the limelight. Happy Mother's Day to all the women out there dedicated to this role, it's beautiful to have someone look up to you 😇 A special shout out to my amazing team for making this edition a success… y'all are Brilliant👌 Be Blessed Beyond ❤🙏 Photography 📸 @emmanueljambo Styling 👗 @conniealuoch Writer 💬 @andanjewobanda Makeup 💄@make_upbyrose Hair 💆‍♀️ @poshpalacepalaceofficial c/o @ibrahimos_hair 🤗 THANK YOU GOD! IMELA PAPA 🙏

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However, all we know is that Diana Marua and her sisters lost their mum lives while still young and they had to raise themselves.

Anyway for more details, grab the True Love magazine!





  1. Before we call Diana hot,let her take a photo without makeup and post it online we all see it.I remember,the picture that was taken after she gave birth,everybody didn’t believe that was her.Huyo dame alikuwa amechapa

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